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Work and Settle in Sweden with EU-Blue card

The single European Union Blue Card benefits numerous foreign nationals who carry dreams to settle in European Union countries. Sweden is also part of the European Union and welcomes individuals to settle in its mainland and contribute to its economy. working-in-sweden-is-great-opportunity The Sweden EU Blue card throws open the opportunity to highly qualified individuals who are ready to work in Sweden. The flexible EU-Blue card ensures you the right to live, travel and work in the European Union countries. You will be eligible to apply for the permanent residence, if you have stayed in the European Union countries for five years and residing in Sweden for at least two years, before lodging an application. Basically, candidates willing to apply for the EU-Blue card must meet the minimum salary requirement, set by the respective governments. Sweden’s salary threshold is SEK 48,000 per month. It is mandatory to apply for Sweden Immigration. You can apply for EU Blue Card: If you have, • A University education equivalent to 180 university credits. • Five years of professional experience • Salary - 1.5 times higher than national average salary in Sweden. • Applicants valid Passport. • Must have comprehensive health insurance • At least one-year employment contract with the Sweden employer. Sweden is the most beautiful land, don’t miss the chance. It amazes you with beautiful lakes, mountains and the city of Stockholm is built on 17 islands. So, many things to surprise you get ready for it with much attention. EU Blue card to Sweden is the best option for the skilled professionals willing to live in this country. Immigration procedures are comprehensive; rely on internet sources or a most trusted consultancy which guided numerous individuals to travel and settle abroad. Documentation plays a crucial role, in the immigration procedures; seek the help of expert consultants who can help you to settle in your dream land.

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