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If anyone wishes to visit Sweden as a tourist and they are a citizen of the nation outside the European Union or EEA then they would require in most cases a Sweden visit visa.

If anyone who wish to Sweden and other Schengen nations, the individuals must have

• A passport which is valid for a minimum of three months after the final date of the visa.
• They should have sufficient money to cover to and fro journey to Sweden.
• The individual should take medical travel insurance cover which would take care of emergency medical assistance or medical repatriation or emergency hospitalization

The applicants of Sweden visit visa should ensure that their application is complete

• Why they are visiting Sweden
• How long they intend to stay in Sweden
• The type of passport they hold and as to how long it is valid
• How will you be able to support yourself during your time in Sweden
• Where the individuals intend to travel following their visit to Sweden
• If the individual has a permit to enter the nation they intend to travel to after their stay in Sweden.

This visa is time limited and it is valid for a maximum of 90 days in six month period. If the individual has spent 90 days in Schengen zone, they must leave the area for 90 days before they can be granted a new Schengen visa.

On special grounds, the applicant may be granted a visa for a longer period for a maximum of one year. It is called D-Visa. Special grounds can be that the individuals need to travel to Sweden in order to visit their children for a period of time that exceeds 90 days in half a year.

Most individuals who apply for this Sweden visit visa are successful. Hence if you have plans to visit Sweden, apply for this visa now.


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  1. Hi Rahul,

    It depends on the type of plans you choose like, if you choose Short Term that is for Single or Multiple entry, same for Longer Term.

    Below are the Requirements for Sweden Visit Visa;
    1.A travel certificate valid for minimum three months from the projected date of travel
    2.Adequate funds to congregate your expenses during your halt in the country
    3.Medical travel insurance valid in all the Schengen countries and must cover costs of minimum EUR 30,000
    4.You have to state the reason of visit
    5.Proof to show proposed period of stay

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