Who Can Apply for Sweden EU Blue Card ?


If the individual is a national belonging to non EU nation, having university degree or having experience which is  professional in nature. And lastly in Sweden, the  individual’s  salary should be equivalent to 1 ½ times the  average gross salary in the nation. Then they are eligible to Apply for EU Blue Card. The Requirements […]

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Interested to Migrate to Sweden Under EU Blue Card

If you are non-EU national having university degree or five years professionals experience and having salary equivalent to one and half times the average gross salary in Sweden, you should apply for an the EU Blue Card scheme. To obtain a Sweden EU Blue Card, the individuals must have A valid passport Should have university […]

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Get Sweden EU Blue Card to stay and work in Sweden

Sweden EU Blue Card

Sweden has carved a niche for itself among the list of world’s affluent and most technologically advanced countries. While EU-Blue Card is a wide system, each nation is allowed to set its own eligibility criteria for their own country’s Blue Card scheme. Citing this, as of 1 August 2013, Sweden EU Blue card has come […]

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Need Of Sweden Eu Blue Card To Stay And Work In Sweden?

Working abroad is a dream for number of individuals. Sweden is one of the world’s wealthiest and most technically advanced countries of EU nations that provide excellent employment opportunities. The country has a stable economy. People who desire to work in Sweden must have an EU Blue Card for Sweden. Sweden is the 24th nation […]

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