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Swedish Adults Have The Best English language Skills

Swedish Adults Have The Best English language Skills

        According to new rankings of 60 countries, among non-native speakers, Swedish Adults Have The Best English language Skills in the world.

            According to EF EPI (EF Education First's English Proficiency Index), a language learning company, people who possess the most proficiency in English are from smaller European Countries. The EF EPI is the most comprehensive ranking of English ability in the World. The analysis produced that better English can help smaller countries to increase their international competitiveness.

Head of EF's Academic Affairs and Research Network, Dr. Christopher McCormick said, they found that by participating in a national dialogue about English, stakeholders can help improve incentives, align goals, and focus on tutoring English for communication. He added that such a coordinated program’s economic impact is clear.

Based on tests taken by 750,000 adults, the annual rankings cover territories and countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North Africa where English is not the native language.

In 1965, EF Education First was established in Sweden with the mission to break down barriers of culture, geography and language.

While Sweden stood at the top of this list of 60 countries, India took its position at 21.

So, Apply for a Sweden Study Visa and get educated in this European nation that topped the EF EPI.

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