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A Short Description on Sweden Work Permit And Eligibility

Work permit allows staying and working in the country. With a Sweden work permit, you can stay and work in Sweden for 2 years. The holder can apply to extend visa during the stay. Sweden Work PermitThe person will be eligible when he/she has an offer of employment. The employment offer allows entering into the country after processing the visa rules. For acquiring a visa, an individual has to undergo certain procedure conducted by the department of Sweden immigration. The eligibility involves loads of work and effort from at least past one year. Skilled workers who have experience in the occupation where Sweden is lagging employment can acquire a work permit quickly. The eligibility for Sweden work permit includes:

  • A valid passport is obligatory
  • The offer for a job is given in accordance with the general norms of sector or profession
  • The work permit issued must be by the employer of Sweden
  • A valid work permit is needed
  • The employer must send the salary and work details to the trade union in order to approve
Along with the work permit visa, resident permit is also issued by the immigration officer.  The resident permit is to allow staying in the country during employment. After a stay of two years with a Sweden Work Permit, the individual can apply for a permanent residence. Once after getting a permanent residence the candidate can stay in Sweden forever with any further visas or permits to stay. Hence, a candidate can apply for a work permit if he/she is eligible and can take a privilege of staying and working initially. After a 2 year stay, if the person is willing to stay permanently or for some extra duration can extend the visa. Thus, take an opportunity to be a citizen of Sweden through a work permit.

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