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Sweden Travel Visa

If a non-European Union country citizen visits Sweden as a tourist, the person needs s Sweden Travel/Tourist Visa. The visa permits to travel and to stay in Sweden for a limited period. For the visa grant, one must show that they have sufficient to fund support the trip. It is also required to show medical insurances which can give them enough support if any medical issue arises during stay in Sweden. Requirements to get the Swedish-visa: In order to get the visa the applicant needs to provide following documents: A Valid Passport- The passport will be stamped with visa grant in one condition i.e. the passport needs to have at least 3 months validity after the visit to Sweden. Proof of Fund- You need to carry SEK450 for spending a single day in Sweden. For an example, if you want to spend 30 days, then you have to show SEK450X30. The amount is for an adult but if you travel with a young child then the fund will be lesser for the child because there will be much low expense for a child every day. If you get invites by any Swedish, the sponsor must convince the immigration department that he/she is financially strong enough to support you during the visit. Health insurance- The medical insurance must be enough to support one individual’s medical issue. However, the insurance should be of Thirty Thousand Euro and it should be valid in all the Schengen countries. Lodging Visa Application: o Applicant should submit the visa application to a Swedish embassy or general-consulate o To apply for a visa, one must fill in the Schengen Visa Application form no. 119031 To get the visa done the applicant needs to mention the following points elaborately: o Purpose of visiting Sweden o Passport with valid expiry date o Intending duration of stay in the country o Proof of fund o Destinations intending to travel after visiting Sweden, if you have already got the permission to visit any other countries along with Sweden. Followings are the other documents that you need to submit: o two passport size photos o Family details in the application form no. 239011 o Other documents as per the requirement of embassy. o Biometric will be required Process Time: 10-12 working days Duration of Visa: Not more than 90 days in the period of 180 days. Note: The Applicant needs to go in person to collect the passport. Opulentus Overseas Careers

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