Sweden Approves Procurement of 60 Next Generation Gripens

Sweden’s government has approved the procurement of the next-generation version of the Gripen fighter aircraft.

Opulentus SwedenSixty Saab JAS-39E Gripens will be bought. No pricetag was released for the purchase. The first aircraft is to be delivered in 2018. All 60 aircraft will be delivered by 2027.

According to Radio Sweden, the government have put in an option that would allow it to cancel the order if it decided to change its mind about the agreement (ie., if it turns out to be too costly) and if there are no orders for the plane from other nations.

In announcing the deal, Defence Minister Karin Enstrom stated that the aircraft not only meet Sweden’s defence needs but that the purchase would allow Sweden’s aerospace industry to retain “strategically important skills.”

Sweden currently has 134 JAS 39 Gripen aircraft of earlier generations in service, Agence France Press has noted.

Source: http://blogs.ottawacitizen.com/2013/01/20/sweden-approves-procurement-of-60-next-generation-gripens/

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