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Sweden hankers for Chefs, Miners, Mechanics

Anyone looking for jobs in Sweden's mines and kitchens will have an easy time finding employment in the coming years, the Swedish employment agency has said as it revealed the country's most sought after professions.   Sweden hankers for chefs, miners, mechanics The agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) revealed which jobs will need to be filled in Sweden in the near future. Mining engineers, job seekers with IT skills, pre-school teachers, truck mechanics and well-qualified chefs, were all cited as professions in need of more workers.   Janitors, child minders, and cleaners will have no such luck, however, as those fields will see many job seekers fighting for the same jobs.   "It is becoming increasingly clear that the labour market is splitting into two. One group will get work quickly and find that competition for the jobs is minimal," Håkan Gustavsson, analyst at Arbetsförmedlingen, said in a statement. "On the other hand, the labour market has a group of job seekers who face a very tough labour market."   The agency predicted that Swedish employers will recruit workers to fill more than 1,300,000 jobs in the coming year, with some difficulties filling roles where certain education and experience is desired.   In the next five to ten years, the analysts stated, there will be a lack of would-be employees with specialist medical knowledge, but also within the building sector.   Source: http://www.thelocal.se/20140129/labour-market-employment-sweden-arbetsformedlingen-jobs-chefs-engineeers

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