What is the Eligibility Criterion for Sweden Dependent Visa

If individuals wish to move to Sweden in order to live along with their close relative who has been already a Swedish resident, then they should have a Sweden Permanent Residence Permit of their own.

This does apply, if for instance if the individual is married or cohabiting or cohabit or intend to marry someone who has been permanently residing in Sweden.  It even applies to children who are unmarried and whose age is below 18 years.

If an individual is below 18 years and are unmarried and his/her parents are residents of Sweden

The individual must be able to demonstrate that they have lived together in his/her nation of origin before his/her parent moved to Sweden.

Sweden Dependent visaSweden-Dependent-Visa

Who is eligible to be Sweden Dependent Visa

  • Children who are unmarried as well as their partner and whose age is below 21 years.
  • Common law partner, Spouse or the registered partner.

We find those children who are unmarried who are aged 21 or above can get Sweden dependent visa work permit, wherein they are dependent financially on  individual or his/her spouse

All those accompanying applicant can also file applications for Sweden dependent visa along  with the main applicant

Move to Sweden with Dependent Visa

 If  dependent does file their visa application after main applicant filed, then they need to fill in different forms and then submit the visa application at embassy or at consulate general  in one’s nation of residence. Before submitting the application, the individuals are required to get in touch with the embassy or consulate general.

Besides this, the  individuals are required to submit below documents

  • All document which states that the children are dependent financially on parents
  • Document which states that both partners lived jointly during their stay in the nation.

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