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Sweden an incredible country!
Posted on: 26 Oct 2013  |   Tags: Incredible Country , Stockholm , sweden ,

Sweden ImmigrationHow does one describe a country that has given the world the Vikings as well as the Nobel Peace Prize, little Swedish meatballs as well as Absolute Vodka, Volvo as well as ABBA, IKEA and H&M and…well, you get the idea.

Sweden is an incredible country that is often missed by those who only venture about Southern, Central or Eastern Europe. It has a spectacular landscape, incredible cities, an educated population (most of whom speak English) and a history and culture much older than ours in North America. Up north you’ll find a pastoral landscape and dense green forests, while to the south there are all those little red island cottages scattered across the Stockholm Archipelago. In between is a pastoral countryside filled with ancient Viking burial grounds, wonderful biking and hiking paths and a heartland in which tradition is still king. And in its cities you’ll enjoy a first-rate cultural opportunities, upscale restaurants and wonderful shopping.

For those who would like to explore a bit of this Swedish Smörgåsbord, here are the most-visited areas of Sweden as reported by Visit Sweden.

  1. Stockholm
  2. The Stockholm Archipelago
  3. Gothenburg
  4. Malmö
  6. Kosterhavet
  7. Marstrand
  8. “Wallander’s Ystad”
  9. Skåne
  10. Visby/Gotland

Source: http://www.neverstoptraveling.com/the-top-10-places-in-sweden

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