Who Can Apply for Sweden EU Blue Card ?


If the individual is a national belonging to non EU nation, having university degree or having experience which is  professional in nature. And lastly in Sweden, the  individual’s  salary should be equivalent to 1 ½ times the  average gross salary in the nation. Then they are eligible to Apply for EU Blue Card. The Requirements […]

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Get Sweden EU Blue Card to stay and work in Sweden

Sweden EU Blue Card

Sweden has carved a niche for itself among the list of world’s affluent and most technologically advanced countries. While EU-Blue Card is a wide system, each nation is allowed to set its own eligibility criteria for their own country’s Blue Card scheme. Citing this, as of 1 August 2013, Sweden EU Blue card has come […]

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Why study in Sweden?

Sweden is an incredibly popular study destination that has world-class natural attractions, resplendent landscapes, multicultural environment, tranquil ambience, high-rise buildings, snow covered provinces, stunning natural parks, picturesque beaches, ancient monuments and sculptures and many other. Alongside its splendid natural attractions, this top-notch destination is also widely known for ample number of career and employment prospects. […]

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Want to Study in Sweden – Approach Opulentus

Planning to study in Sweden? Studying in Sweden is an amazing opportunity that enriches your career aspects. Aspirants who wish to study in Sweden can develop the ability to think independently, analytically, and creatively. At Swedish universities, students can benefit from advanced teaching methodologies, good education system and wide number of study and course options. […]

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Study in Sweden with Opulentus guidance

Sweden is a popular study destination that offers wide-range of career and employment opportunities for individuals who pursue their higher studies in its top-ranked institutions. Every year, it welcomes thousands of individuals from across the globe to give them an opportunity to explore their skills and enhance their career prospects. Sweden is not only known […]

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