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Choose from our variety of services to fulfill your needs for migration to Sweden. Your reason of immigration can be anything; ranging from starting a new life in Sweden to just visiting Sweden for a short duration. Our specially designed service categories will accomplish your purpose of migration.

  • Migrate to Sweden
  • Go ahead and make your plans unhesitatingly to migrate to Sweden, a country that you would simply love being in. Sweden immigration means better standard of living, more job opportunities and the scope for higher learning degrees. Sweden citizenship is much sought by those who intend to migrate and Opulentus visa services can provide vital information as how one can secure it. Also, one can seriously think of Sweden Permanent Residence Visa to settle down in Sweden. Sweden Skilled Immigration is also encouraged by Swedish authorities and many skilled professionals do find lucrative jobs out there.  Read More

  • Study in Sweden
  • Migrants to Sweden would definitely be glad to avail the opportunities to study abroad. It is indeed a challenge to conceptualize study abroad Sweden concept. Education facilities are so well stream lined and are of high order that the dream for overseas education will come true. Swedish schools are the best and one can come across the best universities in Sweden. One can attend free schools that are funded publicly as well as reputed private schools. No doubt, most Swedes tend to go in for work after their secondary education, but settlers or migrants interested in tertiary education, get access to world renowned best universities in Sweden.  Read More

  • Work in Sweden
  • Work in Sweden is professionally oriented and the work culture is employee friendly. The challenges faced by employees in their work place make them grow professionally. OneĀ“s personality is enriched. It is quite natural to think of work in Sweden, but certainly one would require Sweden Work Visa. One also requires a Sweden Work Permit and similarly those migrating from India need to gain access to Sweden Work Permit for Indians.  Read More

  • Visit Sweden
  • Sweden is indeed a powerful magnet that attracts tourists who are eager to see its beautiful landscape and also want to be a part of its festivals and music programs. Art lovers simply like to spend time looking at the magnificent art pieces that world renowned artists have painted. The decision to visit Sweden will certainly not be a wrong one as it will give much pleasure in listening to the folk songs during music festivals and also other popular "hippy" songs.  Read More

  • Invest in Sweden
  • Businessmen are always keen on expanding their businesses and Sweden is the perfect place for business investments. The economic environment is very stable and favorable towards growth and development. The work force is well skilled and contributes well towards greater productivity and higher profits.  Read More

  • Settle in Sweden
  • One will not get disappointed if one decides to settle in Sweden. The rich cultural traditions, the Swedish art and music and the desire to go in for a higher degree education for a higher standard of living will definitely entice you to think of getting hold of Sweden Permanent Residence Visa or PR visa. Opulentus Sweden Job Assistance program will provide vital information as to how one can successfully get hold of Sweden Permanent Resident Visa or PR Visa or perhaps Sweden Citizenship.  Read More