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Need Of Sweden Eu Blue Card To Stay And Work In Sweden?

Swedeb EU Blue CardWorking abroad is a dream for number of individuals. Sweden is one of the world's wealthiest and most technically advanced countries of EU nations that provide excellent employment opportunities. The country has a stable economy. People who desire to work in Sweden must have an EU Blue Card for Sweden. Sweden is the 24th nation in Europe that has agreed to sign up for this scheme.

Sweden Eu Blue Card:

Sweden EU Blue Card is a part of work permit scheme that allows extremely skilled professionals to stay and work in Sweden.  This EU Blue Card for Sweden came in to existence on 1 August 2013. Sweden EU Blue Card is enormously similar to US Green card.

Eligibility For Sweden Eu Blue Card:

Individuals must fulfill the following eligibility criteria in order to move to Sweden to work and stay on Sweden EU Blue Card.

  • Masters degree and five years of work experience
  • Employment bond for a minimum period of one year
  • Applicant should have an employment agreement with a minimum of 1.5 times the average gross salary in Sweden, prior to taxes.
  • Must Applied for a complete health insurance

Application Process:

Individuals who wish to work in Sweden on Sweden EU Blue Card must fill the application from either from their country of origin or within Sweden. Individuals can also apply electronically at Migration Board Permit Unit or by the Swedish consulate abroad if they are applying from the homeland. Within Sweden, if they want to apply for Sweden EU Blue Card, they must be either a student at a Sweden university or college or must hold a student resident permit which can be changed to working status. Individual visiting a Sweden employer as there is a need of employee to fill a specific job category.

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