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International Adventure Guide 2013: Stockholm, Sweden
Posted on: 11 May 2013  |   Tags: Migrate to Sweden , Sweden Immigration , Sweden tourism ,

Known as the Venice of the North, Stockholm is a city defined by water; it's in the soul of the city's inhabitants. Cold and icy in the winter and ready for sailing and Sweden Tourismbathing in the summer, water is as much a symbol of Stockholm as Old Town and the Royal Palace. This makes the Swedish capital the ideal hub for adventure – the chance to blend an urban center with the beauty of the outdoors. Swedes are known for their deep connection to the outdoors. Nature is a part of Swedish literature, art, music and everyday life, and you'll find this throughout Stockholm. From boat trips out into the Stockholm Archipelago to afternoon walks around Djurgården, Stockholm is the city for those that love the outdoors. In a time when Scandinavian culture is at the top of every travel hit list, Stockholm and its outskirts are worth an exploration for those that are looking to blend the big city with the beauty and possibility of the outdoors. Source: http://www.gadling.com/2013/05/10/international-adventure-guide-2013-stockholm-sweden/

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