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Interested to Migrate to Sweden Under EU Blue Card

Sweden-EU-Blue-CardIf you are non-EU national having university degree or five years professionals experience and having salary equivalent to one and half times the average gross salary in Sweden, you should apply for an the EU Blue Card scheme.

To obtain a Sweden EU Blue Card, the individuals must have

  • A valid passport
  • Should have university degree or five year’s professional experience
  • Should have applied for the comprehensive health insurance
  • Should have employment contract or offer of highly qualified employment which should last for minimum one year
  • Should not have less than one and half times the average gross salary in Sweden, before the taxes.

How to apply for Sweden EU Blue Card

The individuals having valid Sweden EU Blue Card issued in another EU nation, may require to submit the application in Sweden. The individuals are required to pay an application fee.

After Receiving Application

If the application status is granted, then the individuals would residence permit card with EU blue card printed on it. This particular card is a proof which permits to stay in Sweden and it has the fingerprints as well as photographs printed on it.

If the individual is interested to apply for travel visa to enter Sweden, then they should visit the Swedish Embassy or the Consulate –general as early as possible to be photographed and leave your fingerprints.

Once the residence card is ready, the consulate or embassy would send it to you, unless you are able to collect it in person. It takes about four weeks to manufacture as well as deliver the card to the embassy or the consulate general, once the individual has made the decision.When the individuals enter Sweden, they must be able to show their residence card along with their valid passport.

Are you interested to Migrate to Sweden contact visa consultant near your area. They would help you process your visa application.

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