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Apply for Sweden Tourist Visa to Visit Sweden

Sweden Tourist Visa All individuals may be having different reasons to visit Sweden. Few of the reasons are stated below

  • Tourism
  • To meet friends and relatives
  • Traveling  for  business purpose  or to attend company meetings. This particular visa is offered for maximum 90 days in a six month period
  • Travelling to attend conference or seminar or workshop

All who are applying  for Sweden Tourist Visa , they should ensure their application is complete. They should clearly state the following.

  • Why they are visiting Sweden
  • How long they prefer  to stay in Sweden
  • The type of passport they hold and how long it is valid
  • How will they support themselves during their stay in Sweden
  • Where they intend to travel following their visit to Sweden
  • Individuals need to state, If they  have a permit to enter the nation which they intend to travel after their stay in Sweden.

All individuals who wish to visit Sweden and other Schengen nations, and apply for Sweden visitor visa to view attraction places in Sweden, they must meet the following requirements.

  • Should have a valid passport for at least three months after the final date of the Visa.
  • Sufficient money to cover your stay as well as to cover journey back home
  • Individual should take medical travel insurance which should cover the cost which would arise as a result of emergency medical assistance, emergency hospitalization or medical repatriation.

We find, Visas are offered for a maximum of 90 days at a time within a period of 6 months. Only in few exceptional cases, the applicant may be granted a visa, for  visit of more than 90 days,

An Entry Visa is normally valid in all the Schengen nations. Only in few exceptional cases a visa may be offered solely for entry into the nation that issued.

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