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Sweden EU Blue CardSweden has carved a niche for itself among the list of world’s affluent and most technologically advanced countries. While EU-Blue Card is a wide system, each nation is allowed to set its own eligibility criteria for their own country’s Blue Card scheme. Citing this, as of 1 August 2013, Sweden EU Blue card has come into force for international skilled individuals. Its amazing opportunity for overseas or non-EU nationals to step into the main industrial fields of telecoms, forestry and pharmaceutical and the automotive industries in Sweden. The main motto of Sweden behind the signing of EU Blue Card scheme agreement is to enable skilled immigrants to work and reside in Sweden temporarily. However, every nation should abide by the central principles of Blue Card schemes such as:

  • Provide work and income akin to nationals
  • Allow free movement within Schengen area
  • Allow favorable situations for family reunification
  • Paves way for permanent resident status

What is Sweden EU Blue Card

Sweden EU Blue Card is just like a work permit granted for the overseas skilled individuals to reside and work in Sweden.  This scheme has lured numerous skilled immigrants who opted for Sweden rather than other nations. The labor market shortages in the country will be plugged by overseas skilled employees. All 27 EU member states, excluding the UK, Ireland, and Denmark partake in the EU Blue Card scheme.

What are the requirements of EU Blue Card for Sweden?

A foreign national, who would like to apply for Sweden EU Blue Card, must comply with the following Sweden EU Blue Card Requirements.

  • A valid passport
  • Must hold a bachelor's or Master's Degree
  • Five years of professional work experience
  • Hold a valid job contract in Sweden or a binding employment offer, for a minimum period of one year
  • The Income offered must be at least 1.5 times the average gross yearly income in Sweden.
  • Should have taken comprehensive health insurance

Benefits of staying on Sweden EU Blue Card

  • Short-term resident or work permit for a period of two years or till the job offer is intact
  • After five years of stay on Sweden EU Blue Card, individuals can apply for permanent residency
  • Family members can join immediately

Migration to Sweden on EU Blue Card is a great opportunity, don’t tarry! Seize the opportunity and enhance your career prospects.

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