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Five Weird and Amazing Facts about Sweden
Posted on: 01 Jul 2016  |   Tags: sweden , Travel to Sweden ,

images (2)Sweden is a beautiful country with the high cost of living but with really out of the box lifestyle and weird ways of doing things. Some facts are so absurd that you would feel, “I wish I could go to Sweden once.” The first thing you will notice about Swedish people is their height. They all are super tall. 5’5” is not even the average. They are famous for their looks and features in every part of the country. You might end up talking to someone thinking that he or she is a famous actor. Secondly, they have holidays for pastries, buns, and waffles. They celebrate them. It is weird yet brilliant! Thirdly, in a year Swedish Government gives you five weeks of holidays. Yes, it is mandatory by law. Fourthly, 4th most prominent country in the world to have gender equality! Women and Men participate equally in taking decisions regarding government business, bureaucratic organizations, laws, everywhere I mean, everywhere there is an equal participation. Fifthly, if your human rights are being hampered, if you are not feeling safe in your own skin if you are going to get demoralized Sweden is the perfect place for you. Sweden takes your side when your right is disturbed for even being a human, If you are amazed by these facts, then I am sure you should go and visit this place once. Log on to www.opulentuz.com. See you in Sweden!

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