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5 Things to Do in Sweden Other Than Buy Furniture

Thanks to the wonders of the international domestic superpower that is Ikea, the small country of Sweden is now unfairly recognised as having the sole purpose of handing out furniture jobs to Swedish upholstery enthusiasts. Opulentus SwedenHowever, upon investigating, a lot more can be revealed about the home of our Nordic cousins than is first implied. Sweden actually has a great deal to offer that seems to have been kept a secret, hiding behind one of the biggest brands of the contemporary economy, as if afraid of tourists. Come with me on this one. You should consider Sweden as your next holiday destination, and to start you off, here are five reasons why. Aeroseum Though Stockholm may be the most recognisable city under Swedish jurisdiction, it is the smaller metropolis Gothenburg that offers a unique underground experience. Located in an excavated Cold War bunker – the scale of which is simply incredible – the Aeroseum offers visitors the opportunity to take a tour of a huge collection of USSR Fighter Jets and Scandinavian aircraft, dating back to World War I. Tourists can explore the intricacies of the bunker on foot with a guide, and, even better, get the chance to climb into the cockpit of some of the aircrafts, which are fully in tact, if not fully functional. A great site to invade for any historical or aircraft enthusiasts. Sleddog Tour One thing that Sweden can promise weather-wise is a little – or a lot – of snow, so an avid adventurer will be looking for some way to get involved in some icy escapades. One great experience to get out in the winter wonderland is to head over to the town of Kiruna, where you can arrange to take a sleddog tour. A truly unique experience and one that you’ll absolutely love – as long as you like dogs! Kreativum Science Center For the budding physicists that like to get ‘hands on’ with discovery, a trip to the Kreativum Science center in Karlshamm is well worth undertaking. The center offers visitors a shot at over 100 unique experiments, split into ‘discovery zones’ in the Upptäckartorg. After that, why not enjoy the MegaDome cinema, offering a unique film experience that is guaranteed to transport you to something extraordinary. For the naturally inquisitive mind, it’s the perfect destination. Ski the Vasaloppet One for the advanced skiier, who also happens to be a glutton for punishment. Not so much a tourist destination, but certainly offering an experience to tell stories about, th Vasaloppet is a herculean racing feat, in which participants ski a whopping 56-mile marathon along a narrow snow trail, that will see you zipping through ice forests, in and out of mountainside villages, and (hopefully) coming to a glorious finish at the end of the track. First held in 1922, the Vasaloppet is a retracing of the steps of former king Gustav Vasa, who took on the mammoth journey 400 years earlier. Today, it is the oldest, longest and biggest cross-country ski race in the world. One to get involved with for the history makers out there. The Museum of Sketches Over in Lund, one special art gallery offers visitors an incredible glimpse at the mind of the artists behind some of contemporary art’s most influential pieces. Exhibiting a varied display of cartoonists, contest entries, and original works by big-name Swedish artists, this is a fantastic opportunity to understand the process that great artists go through, and cannot be missed by any art lover. Come with me on this one. Sweden is more than just meatballs and shelves. Buried in that Scandinavian homeland is something much more culturally interesting, and it’s definitely worth a visit. Give Sweden a chance. Source: Jonathan Taylor Link: http://www.worldwidetravelguide.co.uk/5-things-to-do-in-sweden-other-than-buy-furniture

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