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22,000 applicants for mining jobs

Iron-ore miner LKAB in northern Sweden got enormous response for the 400 vacancies they announced. Sweden’s mining giant in Kiruna is increasing its production of iron-ore from 28 to 37 million tons annually by opening three new mines in the Svappavaare area south of Kiruna. New mines means new jobs and LKAB recently announced 400 vacancies. The response was immediate. Migrate to SwedenLKAB got 22,000 applications, reports the regional newspaper Norrländska Socialdemokraten quoting LKAB CEO Lars-Eric Aaro. The unemployment rate in Sweden rose to 8,8 percent last month. 448,000 Swedes across the country are now without a job, according to Statistics Sweden. Last week, the mining company presented their 1Q-2013 report. Profit before tax fell to SEK 567 million (€66 million) for the first three months. Problems with production at the pelletzing plant is said to be one of the reasons why the production had a small drop at the start of the year, but LKAB writes that they believe in a continued strong demand for iron-ore products in the time to come. Source: http://barentsobserver.com/en/business/2013/05/22000-applicants-mining-jobs-02-05

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