Nature loving Sweden -Travel to Sweden

It’s everywhere for the love of it all – in the north (wilderness, foaming rivers, high alpine peaks and plains in Swedish Lapland), south (rolling countryside and beaches that never end), east (coastline and magical archipelagoes) and west (coastline and giant lakes). Even in Sweden’s big cities; Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, Sweden’s nature is literally […]

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Sweden work permits for non-European citizen

work permit

Nowadays many people around the world want to immigrate to other countries for good job opportunities. Sweden is one of the favorable employment hubs for the skilled workers of the different region. The citizen of European nations and Europe economic area don’t need the work permit to work in Sweden whereas the citizens of Non-European […]

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Criteria for international student to apply Swedish work-permit

Immigrants get most new work in Sweden

Education has a significant importance for the present society. Students from different regions desire to study in abroad for getting the exposure for their career aspects. In recent time, Sweden has been proved its worth in the international student market. The innovative patterns of study in Swedish universities attract the students from each and every […]

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